What type of lumber is used?

Approval Fence uses only the best quality pressure treated lumber (ACQ - arsenic free) or cedar as requested by our customers (cost will vary).

How deep are the post holes?

The holes will be dug to a depth of 3½ to 4 feet deep depending on the soil condition (rocks, bricks, etc.) This prevents any lifting of your posts.

How are the posts set?

We get our cement delivered right to the site by Brampton Redimix. Cement is shoveled in 4" from the top of the hole, then covered by soil. This prevents exposing the concrete to the elements (eg. frost).

What happens to the dirt?

We remove all dirt and leave every site free of debris and materials, leaving you to enjoy your new fence and/or deck.

What are my options for my gates?

Quotes are based on standard gates (same style as your fence). We use only heavy duty hinge kits and heavy duty latches. We hang our gates on 6 x 6 posts which prevents sagging gates. Custom-built gates are available at your request (cost will vary).

What is used for framing and boarding?

3" galvanized gun nails are used for framing and 2" ring-shank triple-galvanized gun nails are used for boarding.

Am I responsible for the surveying of my property and contacting utilities?

Our qualified staff will take care of property surveying and calling utilities, if necessary.

Does my quote include post caps?

Yes. Every post will be capped 2" above the highest panel.

Please feel free to contact us via our Contact Page if you have any other questions. We take pride in our work and our customer's satisfaction. All workmanship is backed by our three-year guarantee.